Package Index

com.fyber Contains the main entry point for the the Fyber SDK: Fyber and all the sub packages with ad specific classes. This component provides classes to display the different ads supported by Fyber SDK. Contains the logic responsible for displaying Banners. Contains the Activity responsible for displaying Interstitials. Contains the Activity responsible for displaying the Offer Wall. Contains the Activity responsible for displaying Rewarded Videos.
com.fyber.cache Contains classes that (offer) control over precaching mechanisms.
com.fyber.currency Contains the different types of responses from the Virtual Currency Server.
com.fyber.exceptions Contains Fyber SDK custom exceptions.
com.fyber.receivers Provides a class to track offer completions.
com.fyber.reporters Contains classes reporting app installs and rewarded actions.
com.fyber.requesters Contains classes for requesting different ad formats supported by Fyber SDK.
com.fyber.user Contains class and Enums that define User segments.
com.fyber.utils Provides utility classes.