Mediation on Android

Network Info and Configuration
Integrating networks to Unity3D with Fyber SDK8


Note: If you are updating from a previous adapter release, make sure you remove old adapter files and third party SDKs from your project.

Starting with the Fyber Unity Plugin 8.0.0, we now distribute each mediated network as a Unity package. This has allowed a revamp of the Fyber Unity Plugin, making the integration process much simpler and more efficient:

  1. Download the latest Fyber Unity package, and import it to your Unity project.
  2. Download the Unity packages for each of the mediated networks you wish to integrate and import them to your project.

Network Info and Configuration

Important: Since the release of Fyber Unity Plugin 6.5.0 you configured each network directly from the Dashboard, providing the credentials and options in the network configuration dialog.

With Fyber Unity Plugin 8.0.0 you now override these configurations by using the Fyber Settings menu:

Fyber Editor Settings

This will open an Editor menu where you can see all of networks you’re integrating. You can enable/disable each one and add/edit their configuration:

Adapter’s configuration menu (in the bottom)

Unity 4.6

If you’re using Unity 4.6, network configurations won’t show up on the Fyber Editor panel right after you import them. You will first need to go to Mediation Assets Generation under the Fyber menu and generate the asset for the network you’re trying to integrate:

Mediation Assets Generation menu

Keep in mind that if you already have Fyber’s panel open when doing this operation you might have to deselect and select it again for the changes to take effect.


If you’re running Unity 4 on a Windows machine you might run into some errors while importing networks Unity packages. As a work-around we recommend downloading our sample project and adding it to your exsiting project.

Integrating networks to Unity3D with Fyber SDK8

To integrate each of the networks below:

  1. Import the correct files for each network when importing the Fyber Unity3D bundle for Android:
    • /Assets/Fyber/Editor/Resources/Mediation/<network_name>/<network_name>BundleDefinition.cs,
    • /Assets/Fyber/Editor/Resources/Mediation/<network_name>/<network_name>FyberBundle.asset,
    • /Assets/Plugins/Android/fyber-<network_name>-<bundle-version>.jar, or
    • library project with third party SDKs and adapter inside (applies to HyprMX, Millennial and UnityAds),
    • any assets, if are attached to the unitypackage (applies to Millennial and Vungle).
  2. Import Google Play Services library project into the /Assets/Plugins/Android/ folder. For further information on this, review Building your app.

  3. Update the AndroidManifest with missing entries.

You’ll need to include unique information for the different networks you want to integrate. A full list of our partner bundles and their integration guides are found below: