Integrating Fyber Unity Plugin

The Fyber Unity Plugin inside the Fyber Developer Portal provides you the total overview of the different ways to integrate Fyber products into your application:

Offer Wall

The mobile Offer Wall from Fyber delivers a wide-ranging offer list to your users. With virtual currency payout, brand names and personal interest being taken into account, they’re able to pick and choose their favorite.


Interstitial Mediation delivers all the advantages of Fyber’s mediation to the hugely popular interstitial ad format. Integrate, manage, and optimize your integration through a single SDK and single dashboard, while leveraging incredible fillrate and eCPM delivered by great partner ad networks.

Rewarded Video

Rewarded Video is a product from Fyber which lets you, the publisher, monetize users through attractive branded video engagements. The engagement is launched directly from the your application environment and requires minimal effort from the user to participate.

Virtual Currency Management

Don’t want to run your own virtual currency servers? No problem. Request the amount of earned virtual currency for a user from Fyber servers whenever a user goes online or even while a user is playing your game. All transactions are stored on Fyber servers until you request it.

Want to get started?

  1. Getting started with the plugin
    • Import plugin
    • Use your credentials to initialize
    • Integrate one or more of the provided ad formats
  2. Using Ad Network Mediation
    • Configure mediation on Android and iOS
    • Include adapters and ad network SDKs