Adding a Mediated Ad Network to the Fyber Dashboard

This document will guide you through the process of adding a mediated ad network to your App in the Fyber dashboard.

Please note that if your App runs both in Android and iOS, you will need to create two apps in the ad network dashboard, as well as two apps on Fyber side. For each app you need to add the mediated ad network.

Enabling the Ad Network

When you have everything configured on the ad network’s side, you can either configure it yourself in the Fyber Ad Monetization Dashboard or send the required configuration parameters to your Fyber Account Manager, who will be able to configure the ad network for your app. To configure the ad network yourself, follow the steps below:

1. Log into your account at

2. From the Apps page, navigate to the app for which you want to configure the ad network. You can do this by clicking on the app in the list.

3. Select the Ad Networks tab.

Select the Ad Networks tab

4. Choose the right ad format

Select the Ad format

5. Find the required ad network in the table and click the Add button next to the ad network, to open the Configuration popup.

Add new network

6. Change the Status toggle for the network to “ON”.

Enable network

6a. For Rewarded Video format only: Enter the required reward in the User Reward field.

The _reward_ should be the value in virtual currency units that you will reward the users each time they watch a video from the ad network.

Enter reward

That’s it! You should now have the ad network available for your users via Fyber mediation.

Enabling Reporting and Automatic eCPM

For Rewarded Video & Interstitial Formats we also recommend you to set up your credentials for the reporting from the Ad Network, so that Fyber can automatically fetch reporting data.

This allows you to see full integrated analytics for the network in the Fyber Dashboard and to enable Automatic eCPM Optimization.

Although highly recommended, this step is optional and you can always add it later without affecting anything else in the integration.

To Enable Reporting

Set the Reporting toggle to “ON”, and enter the API credentials from the ad network’s dashboard.

To get access to the ad network’s reporting API, you may need to contact your Account Manager directly.

Configure reporting

Each ad network will need different type of credentials. For details on specific ad network configurations please use the correspondent ad network guide.

To Enable Automatic eCPM

You can let our optimization algorithms choose the best ad network to deliver for each impression by enabling the Automatic eCPM. When enabled, we will automatically update the expected eCPM for this ad network and use it in conjunction with other KPIs to get the best overall performance across your integrated ad networks. It is highly recommended that you turn it on to achieve optimal yield. The Automatic eCPM can only be enabled when reporting is also enabled.

Set the Automatic eCPM toggle to “ON”.

Enable Automatic eCPM

If you don’t enable Automatic eCPM for the ad network, you need to enter the Expected eCPM in the adjacent field. You should update this value regularly (we recommend weekly) to ensure an up-to-date rank for the networks.

The _expected eCPM_ setting is used for ranking the different networks and selecting which ad network to use in each user request to optimize your total eCPM. It is important that this value represents the real eCPM that you get from the ad network, so it’s a good practice to update it frequently to get the best overall performance.

Fyber Ad Marketplace

The Fyber Ad Marketplace will also place real-time bids on every ad request you send. In the case that the bid is higher than a other network’s eCPM, the request will be filled by the Fyber Ad Marketplace (unless the ad network has a custom priority applied). Read more about the Ad Marketplace here.