iOS SDK Download

The Fyber SDK allows for Fyber Ad Monetization Platform integration inside your native iOS application. To get started with your integration, use the 8.0.0 version SDK Quick Start Guide or the Migration Guide . If you need additional assistance, contact us at <a href=„“></a>.

Manual SDK Download

Please Note! The Fyber iOS SDK version adds support for Fyber Hybrid Interstitials. Mediation bundles must also be updated when you update to Fyber iOS SDK version 8.4.0 and above, as they will not be backwards compatible to previous SDK versions.
Download the Fyber iOS SDK 8.22.0

Interested in learning which of our mediation partners are compatible with iOS 10? Read all about it.

Installation with CocoaPods

CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Objective-C, which automates and simplifies the process of using 3rd-party libraries like FyberSDK in your projects. See the CocoaPods Getting Started and Using CocoaPods for more information.

To integrate the iOS Fyber SDK 8.0 in your Cocoapods project, you would enter the following:

pod 'FyberSDK', '~> 8.0'

SDK 7.x compatibility Wrapper

If you want to use the Fyber SDK 8.0 but are not ready yet to migrate your code, you can begin using it with our Fyber SDK Wrapper.

The SDK wrapper manual integration is done in the same way as the SDK. For more detail, please see the Getting Started page. To integrate the SDK Wrapper using Cocoapods, you would enter the following:

pod 'FyberSDK', '~> 8.0'
pod 'FyberSDKWrapper', '~> 1.0.0'

Quick Start and Migration Guides for the SDK

For ease of installation, we have both a

for the 8.0.0 Fyber SDK.

Estimated App increase

Including the SDK will increase the footprint of your application by

  • with armv7, arm64 architectures: ~623 KB


8.22.0 (07/2018)

  • New: Support for GDPR Consent Data

8.21.0 (05/2018)

  • New: GDPR Consent API Support

8.20.2 (02/2018)

  • Multiple ad requests sent when requesting rewarded videos leading to fill rate decrease

8.20.1 (02/2018)

  • Fixed: Incompatibility issues with bitcode on Xcode 8

8.20.0 (01/2018)

  • Fixed: A rare crash on Rewarded Video
  • Fixed: Occasional black screen on some video ads

8.19.0 (12/2017)

  • New: Autoplay for Offer Wall video offers
  • Dropped support for iOS 7

8.18.0 (11/2017)

  • New: The Fyber SDK now take full advantage of the WKWebView for devices running iOS 8+. Devices on iOS 7 still use the UIWebView

8.17.1 (10/2017)

  • Fixed: Layout issues related to the iPhone X’s layout

8.17.0 Beta (10/2017)

  • New: Optimisations for rewarded video ad request
  • Fixed: Application is not rotating back to portrait mode after video play
  • Fixed: UI API called from background thread
  • Fixed: FYBIntegrationAnalyzerViewController warning when targeting iOS7

8.16.1 (09/2017)

  • Fixed: SDK might get into a fixed state after attempting to show an expired cached ad

8.16.0 (08/2017)

  • New: Multiple networks fill caching support
  • New: Optimisation to our mediation algorithm for better publisher payout.

8.15.1 (07/2017)

  • Fixed: Crash when using some special characters in userId

8.15.0 (07/2017)

  • New: Improvements to optimize Interstitials and Banners Fill Rate.
  • New: Remove loading spinners before playing pre-cached videos
  • Fixed: Loading spinner flickering before video starts

8.14.1 (07/2017)

  • Fixed: Crash when using some special characters in userId

8.14.0 (06/2017)

  • New: Introducing a new fill caching mechanism
  • New: Improvements to Virtual Currency cache
  • New: Improvements to optimize Interstitials and Banners Fill Rate.
  • New: Improvements to Rewarded Video caching
  • Fixed: Possible Quicktime logo flickering before video starts
  • Fixed: Banner not centered on orientation change

8.12.0 (04/2017)

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

8.11.0 (03/2017)

  • New: Configurable timeouts for Interstitial and Banner requests
  • Fixed: Bug allowing to display a banner while a new banner is requested
  • Fixed: Crash due to Supported orientations having no common orientation with the application
  • Fixed: Video keeps playing when double tapping on the home button before video loads
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

8.10.0 (03/2017)

  • Dropped support for iOS 6
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

8.9.2 (02/2017)

  • Fixed: Crashes related to parsing the response from the VCS
  • Fixed: Crashes due to thread unsafe variables

8.9.1 (02/2017)

  • Fixed: Issue in podspec file leading to Test Suite showing a black screen

8.9.0 (01/2017)

  • New: Test your mediation setup with the Fyber’s Test Suite
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

8.8.0 (01/2017)

  • Fixed: infinite black screen when video adapters have timeouts
  • Improved tracking

8.7.0 (12/2016)

  • New: Hold back the Banner ad request until mediation is started
  • Fixed: warnings when archiving
  • Fixed: SDK does not track fill events for banner rotation
  • Fixed: calling destroyBanner when requesting resets controller’s state

8.6.0 (11/2016)

  • Changed: Prevent initialization of controllers
  • Changed: Default logging level is now Info
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

8.5.5 (11/2016)

  • Changed: Longer timeout for Banner requests

8.5.3 (10/2016)

  • New: Preloading static and video Interstitials endcards for better user experience
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

8.5.2 (09/2016)

  • Fixed: Integration issue with projects that do not have modules enabled
  • Fixed: A possible issue with ad control/frequency capping on some devices

8.5.1 (09/2016)

  • iOS 10: Makes use of openURL:options:completionHandler:
  • iOS 10: Prints the value of the Limit Ad Tracking feature on start of the SDK and activation of the application
  • New: Added Video Interstitial support
  • New: Added a callback to alert you when precaching videos is done
  • New: Added a method to inform if videos are currently cached on the device
  • New: Extended our Sample Application to show Banners
  • Fixed: Request to StoreKit is not being cancelled after closing the Endcard
  • Fixed: Logging issues regarding some Fyber .plist settings

8.4.1 - (07/2016)

  • New: Support for Hybrid Interstitials

8.3.2 - (06/2016)

  • New: Enable changing user ID after starting the SDK
  • New: Automatically import required frameworks
  • Fixed: Rewarded video player issues

8.3.1 - (05/2016)

  • New: makes userID accessible
  • Fixed: Smart banners have wrong position after hiding and showing them again
  • Deprecated: showCloseButtonOnLoad property and plist setting
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

8.3.0 - (04/2016)

  • New: Added Banner ads functionality
  • Fixed: Vast video restarting when opening the microbrowser

8.2.1 - (02/2016)

  • Fixed: wrong messages sent through the FYBInterstitialControllerDelegate
  • Fixed: missing loading spinner when showing the Offer Wall on top of a modal view controller

8.2.0 - (01/2016)

  • New: allow publishers to enable HTTP for rewarded video
  • Changed: cookie accept policy set to true by default
  • Fixed: orientation issues with end card and video alerts
  • Fixed: initialization method for custom parameters
  • Fixed: float precision and conversion in FYBUser object
  • Minor logging improvements

8.1.2 - (11/2015)

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

8.1.1 - (11/2015)

  • Fixed: Flickering issue when playing a rewarded video through mediation
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

8.1.0 - (10/2015)

  • Improved Plist settings API
  • Fixed: Crash when pressing the Cancel or Store button on StoreKit
  • Fixed: Minor UI issues

8.0.1 - (09/2015)

  • Fixed: Issue with VCS when migrating from SponsorPaySDK 7.x.x to FyberSDK 8.0.0

8.0.0 - (09/2015)

  • Rebranding (SponsorPaySDK -> Fyber SDK / SP -> FYB)
  • Renamed products (BrandEngage -> Rewarded Videos…)
  • New API to report Installs
  • New API to report Rewarded Actions
  • New API for Interstitials. Introduction of FYBRequestParameters
  • New API for Rewarded Videos. Introduction of FYBRequestParameters
  • New API for Offer Wall. Introduction of FYBRequestParameters
  • New API for Starting the SDK. Introduction of FYBSDKOptions
  • New API for Virtual Currency. Introduction of FYBVirtualCurrencyResponse. Introduction of FYBRequestParameters.

Feature Removal

  • Use of multiple AppIds
  • Use of credentials token
  • Overriding of the currency name through SDK’s API
  • Dropped support for iOS 5


  • Fixed: Toasts were showing in the wrong order when going to the background after watching a video
  • Fixed: The SDK was reporting a CLOSE_ABORT when watching a video and going to the background when the end card was shown
  • Fixed: Video would still playing when tapping the close button, double tapping the home button and going back to the app. It should still be paused
  • Fixed: Offer Wall’s showCloseButtonOnLoad was not working anymore
  • Fixed: close button not positioned correctly when the request times out when trying to show a video
  • Fixed: SPUser’s location was not updated automatically


  • Brand new sample app shipped with the SDK
  • Control over precaching functionality (delay the start) (only for Fyber Videos)