Open Mediation

What is Fyber Open Mediation?

Fyber Open Mediation gives you additional ad networks to choose from to maximize your global and country fill rate and eCPM. Built upon the close relationship between Fyber and international ad networks, this new program enables our partners to build the complete mediation integration while relying on Fyber’s best practices, support, and quality verification.

What is the difference between Fyber Open Mediation and Fyber Mediation?

Through Fyber Open Mediation, ad networks-created bundles have gone through our stringent Open Mediation requirement process to become a “Partner-built” bundle. Fyber also develops and maintains mediation integrations, noted in the Developer Portal as “Fyber-built”. Both “Fyber-built” and “Partner-built” integrations are available in our Developer Portal.

How does Fyber Open Mediation affect my choice of ad networks with Fyber?

Simply put: you have a wealth of ad networks to rely on to maximize your revenue - and if you need to work with an unsupported ad network, you can recommend them to sign up for the Fyber Open Mediation program by emailing

How do I add a Fyber Open Mediated ad network to my app?

You would add an Fyber Open Mediation ad network in the same way that you add any Fyber Mediation partner: go to the ad network’s integration page on the Fyber Developer Portal and integrate accordingly. There are no integration differences between Fyber-built and Partner-built mediation bundles and reporting integrations.

Are Adobe Air and Unity 3D supported in Fyber Open Mediation?

Every Fyber Open Mediation partner integration supports Native Android and iOS bundles by default. Unity 3D support will be added soon after the bundle release. Adobe Air is not supported.

Can I trust an Fyber Open Mediation integration?

Yes. We review our Fyber Open Mediation partner’s entire integration process up to and including the release of their Partner-built bundle. We work closely with the ad networks to ensure quick resolution of any issues.

Who do I contact if I experience any integration issue?

Fyber is your point of contact for any integration issue. We work closely with Fyber Open Mediation ad networks to support as needed.

Need more help?

Please get in touch! Contact your Account Manager or report an issue to our Developer Support team, or contact the Developer Portal team directly, including details of your account if you are a registered Fyber Developer.