Rewarding the user with virtual currency

Rewarding the user with Fyber is very simple. All virtual currency transactions of your integrated ad networks go through the Fyber server. Therefore you only need to integrate with Fyber for rewarding the user instead of integrating with every individual ad network.

Fyber lets you choose the reward that a user should receive per completed view from each of the networks you integrate. On initial setup your account manager will ask you what reward you want to give to a user per video view and network.

Clientside or Serverside?

Fyber offers two methods of informing you about a users reward. In case you are managing a users balance on your own servers, Fyber can send a serverside postback for every completed transaction.

If you are managing the users balance on the client, you can use Fyber SDK to fetch the new rewards per user from the Fyber Virtual Currency Server on a regular basis.