Getting Started with the Ad Monetization Platform

You will first need to create an account at, which is the developer dashboard. Click the “Sign up here” link on the login page.

When your account is created and approved, you can begin integrating the Fyber Ad Monetization Platform. The process:

  1. Create your App in our Ad Monetization Dashboard
  2. Download the Fyber SDK for your platform (mobile apps only)
  3. Integrate the Fyber SDK into your app (mobile apps only)
  4. Test the integration
  5. Submit your updated app to the store, and change the app to LIVE in the Fyber Dashboard. (mobile apps only)

Creating an App

To create your application, log in to the Fyber Dashboard and click the Add new app button on the Apps page. You will then add the required details for your app to the dashboard.

Select a Platform

Select the corresponding platform for your app:

Select a platform

Enter App Details

Enter the name of your app. This name will be used to represent your app on the Fyber platform.

Enter app details

Next paste the App Store or Google Play store URL for your app. This allows us to use your app’s icon in the Dashboard.

Note: If your app is not yet live in the store, you can bypass this by selecting the checkbox: *“This app is not listed in the App Store”*.

Add Virtual Currencies

To serve rewarded ad formats in your app, you need to define one or more virtual currencies which will be used to reward your users.

Add virtual currency

Currency name: The name of your virtual currency, e.g. coins.

Currency id: This is used to reference the currency in transactions, or when you request virtual currency deltas from our Virtual Currency Server.

Default currency: Used to preserve backwards compatibility with the SDK. If you request the virtual currency delta and don’t specify a currency_id in the request, we will return the delta for the default currency.

Rewarded Video Settings

If you want to use Rewarded Video ads in your app, turn on this ad format and configure the following options:

Rewarded Video Settings

Virtual currency: Select the virtual currency to reward users with.

User reward: Define how many units of your virtual currency to reward users with.

Interstitial Settings

If you want to use Interstitial ads in your app, turn on this ad format:

Interstitial Settings

Offer Wall Settings

If you want to use the Offer Wall ad format in your app, enable it here:

Offer Wall Settings

Virtual currency: Select the virtual currency to reward users with.

Exchange rate (to USD): This is the exchange rate of your app’s currency to USD. You can also change the currency to EUR once you’ve created the app.

Roundup for Video: Depending on the virtual currency exchange rate, the payouts for some videos may be too low to reach one virtual currency unit. For example, if the exchange rate is 10:1 EUR (or USD), a large selection of our video inventory will not be offered to users, even if the payout is nine cents. Enabling this option will round up the rewarded currency for these videos to 1 unit of virtual currency.

Note: In order to achieve the best performance, we recommend the rounding checkbox to be enabled. If the checkbox is selected, all videos will be presented, and eventually the value of the reward for the video view will be rounded up to one virtual currency unit.*

You’re done! Click Finish to create the app, and get started integrating the Fyber Ad Monetization Platform in the next steps.