Amazon App Store

The Fyber Android SDK is fully compatible with Android apps being deployed to the Amazon App Store - however, there are a few additional steps to ensure an optimal user experience.

If you have any questions, the Fyber team is happy to help you properly configure your app’s SDK, demand partners, and the Fyber Exchange to work with the Amazon App Store.

1. Set up a separate app in the Fyber Dashboard

First, we recommend setting up a new application in the Fyber Dashboard for your Amazon app to separate the configuration and analytics of the Amazon and Google Play Store app versions. Please use Android as platform.

In your integration you’ll then decide which appId to use based on the target app store.

2. Set up and configure the supported ad networks

We have verified and tested the following demand partners to serve correct ads for Amazon App Store. To ensure a great user experience, please make sure to only use the below partners. We are working on adding more partners as well!

Ad Network Rewarded Video Interstitials Note
AppLovin Reported revenue will always be 0


AppLovin automatically detects the platform and creates the right app in the AppLovin dashboard. There is no additional, Amazon-specific configuration required.

Amazon app in AppLovin Dashboard


For AdColony, please create a new app with Amazon as the selected platform. You can then use the appropriate App ID and Zone ID from AdColony in the Fyber Dashboard.

Amazon app in AdColony Dashboard

Additionally, make sure to include store:amazon in the AdColony Client Options. There are two ways to specify this value in your Fyber integration:

  1. You can use the @AdColonyConfigs annotation on your main activity to specify the version-specific clientOptions string:

         clientOptions = "version:1.1,store:amazon"
     public class MainActivity extends Activity {
  2. You can specify the clientOptions string using runtime configuration:

     public class MainActivity extends Activity {
         public static Map<String, Object> returnConfigs() {
             HashMap<String, Object> map = new HashMap<>(1);
             map.put(AdColonyMediationAdapter.CLIENT_OPTIONS, "version:1.1,store:amazon");
             return map;


For Chartboost, please create a new app with Amazon as the selected platform. You can then use the appropriate App ID and App Signature from Chartboost in the Fyber Dashboard. No additional, Amazon-specific configuration is required.

Amazon app in Chartboost Dashboard

3. Make sure to remove all Google-specific libraries and code.

An important requirement for submitting into the Amazon App Store is to use the Amazon specific libraries for services like IAP (in-app purchases), maps, or player management instead of the one included with Google Play Services. A full overview can be found here.

4. Contact your Account Manager to finalize the setup

At the moment there are few things your Account Manager needs to set up internally, so please let them know you’re ready to go live, so that they can help you!

Do you need further assistance? Check with your Account Manager with any questions you might have. Amazon also provides this extensive FAQ which describes the different aspects related to submitting your Android app into the Amazon App store.