Android Product Overview

This page gives an overview of the different ways to integrate Fyber products inside your Android application or use Fyber for promotion of your application.


  • Offer Wall
  • Offer API
  • Rewarded Video
  • Virtual Currency Management


  • Rewarded Installs
  • Rewarded Actions
  • Mobile Video


Rewarded Video

Rewarded Video on Android is a product from Fyber that allows the publisher to monetize users through attractive branded video engagements. The engagement is launched directly from the environment of the publisher application and requires only minimal effort from the user to participate.

Mediation features:

  • Drag-and-drop integration without the need to write a single line of code.
  • Automatic optimization based on eCPM.
  • Smart network rotation to maximize the eCPM.
Fyber Rewarded Video


Interstitial Mediation on Android brings all the advantages of Fyber’s mediation also to the largely popular interstitial ad format. Integrate, manage, and optimize your integration through a single SDK and single dashboard, while leveraging incredible fillrate and eCPM delivered by some of the best Interstitial Ad Networks out there.

Fyber Interstitial

Offer Wall

The Fyber mobile Offer Wall shows a list of offers to your users. Users are free to choose from a wide range of offers and find an offer they like depending on virtual currency payout, brand names and personal interest. You can trigger this by any means you want. However, it’s common practice to place a button inside the payment shop that clearly informs the user of the possibility to earn virtual currency for free.

Fyber Offer Wall

Virtual Currency Management

In case you are not running your own servers or user management, we’ve got you covered. Fyber SDK lets you request the amount of earned virtual currency for a user from Fyber servers whenever a user goes online or even while a user is playing. All transactions are stored on Fyber servers until requested by the client.


Fyber offers a comprehensive suite of products that help you promote your apps, reach a broad audience, and acquire new users.

Rewarded Installs

Rewarded Installs are the simplest way of user acquistion through incentivized app install. The setup of the campaign is done through our self-service platform, the Advertiser Control Panel, which leaves you only few clicks away from a running campaign.

Rewarded Actions

Rewarded Actions is a new product, which allows the advertiser to incentive completion of a specific action within the app, from simple actions such as “Play until level 3”, to more complex ones, such as “Build a level 2 castle” or “Spin the wheel 30 times”. Users that spend more time in the app are likely to become more engaged and understand the benefits of the app, which increases user retention.

The advertiser has complete freedom when defining the action to be incentivized, and only has to send us the appropriate callback once the user has completed the action within the app.

The set up of a Rewarded Actions campaign is also done through our self-service platform, the Advertiser Control Panel.

Mobile Video


Mobile Video campaigns are a new product focusing on user acquisition through the combination of an engaging video trailer and a non-incentivized install. The video, introducing the main features and highlights of the Application engages the user, who is then motivated to install the app.