Rewarded Video Mediation

Rewarded Video Mediation brings all the advantages of Fyber’s mediation to the hugely popular video ad format. Integrate, manage, and optimize your integration through a single SDK and single dashboard, while leveraging incredible fillrate and eCPM delivered by some of the best ad networks out there.


Use the Fyber SDK as the single point of integration with a simple interface to request and display Video Ads. To include any of the supported ad networks, simply import their SDK into your AIR project, review your activities in your Adobe AIR Application Descriptor File Template (YOURAPPNAME-app.xml) file and configure your credentials for each network. The Fyber SDK takes care of the rest.


Control and manage your integration from one single dashboard, enable and disable ad networks, test different setups and get a better overview with a unified revenue reporting dashboard.


Set your own network priority in each country, or let our Automatic eCPM feature do the work for you and deliver all the ad networks based on their real performance automatically.

How to integrate?

Integrate the Fyber SDK

If you don’t have the SDK integrated, the process takes only a moment longer:

  1. Create an application in the Publisher Dashboard and download the latest Fyber SDK ane (AIR Native Extension) files from our Download page.

  2. Follow the “Getting started with Fyber SDK” guide to integrate the general methods of the SDK.

  3. Import the SDKs ane files of the Fyber SDK and additional ad networks into your project, declare the required activities in your Adobe AIR Application Descriptor File Template (YOURAPPNAME-app.xml) file and add your credentials.

  4. Place the calls to the SDK to request and display to the right place in your code.