Downloading the Fyber Adobe AIR Native Extension

The Fyber Adobe AIR Native Extension allows you to integrate the Fyber Ad Monetization Platform inside your Adobe AIR applications. To get started with your integration, use the Quick Start Guide for Adobe Air. If you need additional assistance, contact us at

Download the SDK

[Download Fyber Adobe AIR Native 1.1.4](</b>

We have released Adobe Air version 8.6.0, incorporating the Fyber SDK 8! [Get it here](!</b>

Prerequisites for the Adobe AIR Native Extension

The Adobe AIR Native Extension has been tested with Adobe Air 13 to 21. The minimum requirements are:

  • Flash Builder 4.6 or Animate CC (formerly Flash Professional CS6) or IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 13
  • Adobe AIR SDK 13 - for Flex developers OR Adobe AIR SDK 13 (with ASC 2.0)
  • Apache Flex SDK 4.9.1 (for Flex mxml applications) with Adobe AIR SDK 13
  • Feathers SDK 2.3 (for Feathers mxml applications) with Adobe AIR SDK 13

Note: See more details regarding packaging notes - Compatibility Matrix section below

Changelog - Air SDK

8.15.0 (08/2017)


  • Added support for default platform across all ANEs: you no longer have to remove the Fyber integration for testing purposes.
  • Added support for changing User ID.


  • Native SDKs to 8.15.1.

1.1.4 - Changelog (07/2016)

Note Any used mediation ANEs need to be downloaded, and re-integrated to benefit from this new version.

  • Fixed: A bug which resulted in application crash in low memory situations. (Ad delivery was not hindered)
  • Fixed: An issue for iOS, which might result in missing linker symbols for some target architectures, including for mediation ANEs.
  • Improvement: Extended development compatibility down to Adobe AIR SDK 13, including for mediation ANEs.
  • Improvement: Added compatibility with Adobe AIR SDK with ActionScript Compiler v2.0 for pure AS3 projects. (Improved packaging times)
  • Tested with Adobe AIR SDK 19 for Google Play Store OpenSSL Security compliance

1.1.3 - Changelog (05/2016)

  • Fixed: A bug which resulted in always receiving an Error event, for certain features. (Ad delivery was not hindered)
  • Improvement: Communication with the native side has been refactored
  • Improvement: Enhancements to the request speed time

1.1.2 - Changelog (03/2016)

  • Fixed: User segmentation correctly handles parameter “number_of_sessions”
  • New feature: Added default configuration to the ANEs: No need to create separate configurations for simulator/emulator testing
  • New feature: Native logs can be listened to for debug purposes through a listener for NativeLoggerEvent
  • Improvement: Exceptions are better handled and more informative for developers
  • Improvement: Performance and compatibility improvements
  • Updated compatibility with latest Adobe AIR and Flex SDKs

1.1.1 - Changelog (12/2015)

  • Fixed: automatic VCS call returning “invalid_currency_id” error
  • Fixed: issues with JSON parsing between Wrapper and ActionScript
  • Fixed: passing of custom userIDs
  • Corrected ANE versioning
  • Updated native Fyber SDKs to 7.2.8

Native Fyber SDK Versions Used

The latest Fyber Adobe AIR Native Extension uses the following versions of the native Fyber SDKs:

  • iOS: 8.15.1
  • Android: 8.15.1

The file for Android builds can be downloaded here.

Supported features

  • Offer Wall
  • Rewarded Video
    • incl. Ad Network Mediation
  • Interstitials
    • incl. Ad Network Mediation
  • Virtual Currency Server
  • Rewarded Installs
  • Rewarded Engagements
  • User segmentation
  • Native Loggers

Estimated App increase

Including the SDK will increase the footprint of your application by ca. 211 KB.

Ad Network Adapters

Note The current available mediation ANEs are compatible with the latest ActionScript Compiler 2.0 (Fyber ANEs v1.1.4). Please download and re-integrate them, if necessary.

Ad Network Adapters are used for integrating additional ad networks for rewarded video and interstitials. For specific integration instructions please review the Adding Ad Networks.

Compatibility matrix with Adobe AIR SDK version

Fyber ANEs v1.1.4 are fully compatible with compilers using Adobe AIR SDK 13 to 21. When used in conjunction with mediation adapters ANEs, we found some limitations:

  • Android
    • On certain version of Adobe AIR SDK (16 and higher) you might receive a dx tool warning when packaging a lot of adapter ANEs in your app.
    • Adobe AIR SDK 19 has a patch from Adobe which contains Android’s OpenSSL library 1.0.2f, with built version Older AIR SDKs do not contain this fix, which will result in having a warning displayed next to your app, when uploaded to Google Play. You can still compile your app backwards-compatible with older AIR SDKs, by using the minimumPatchLevel option, and -swf-version= compile argument.
    • Adobe AIR SDK 20 dropped support for Android versions older than 4.0.3
    • Adobe AIR SDK 22 added support for Android 7.0 (“Nougat”) Beta
  • iOS
    • Adobe AIR SDK 13 won’t be able to package multiple mediation ANEs in most scenarios
    • Adobe AIR SDK 14 won’t package successfully if one of the mediation partners requires WebKit.framework . Could be solved by linking with iOS SDK 8.4 or higher.
    • Adobe AIR SDK 16 or higher is required for 64bit support. For lower versions, it could be solved by linking with iOS SDK 8.4 or higher.
    • Adobe AIR SDK 19 needs to have the internal ld64/ld patched with the ld found in’s Toolchain folder (More details in Adobe AIR SDK 19 Release notes Workaround)
    • Adobe AIR SDK 20 dropped support for iOS 6
    • Adobe AIR SDK 22 dropped support for iOS 7